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SHACMAN F2000 6*4 Dump Truck SX3255DM384 with Euro 3 engine

The Specification sheet

 SHACMAN F2000 6*4 Dump Truck with Euro 3 engine
Model 型号 SX3255DM384
Drive type 驱动型式 6×4
Complete  kerb mass (kg) 整备质量 11200 mass (kg) 总质量 25000
Max.speed (km/h) 最高车速 70
Min.turning circle(m) 最小转弯直径 18
Min.ground clearance(mm) 最小离地间隙 314
Approach / Departure angle (°) 接近角/离去角 16/66
Max.gradeability(%) 最大爬坡度 40
Appearance dimensions (mm) Max.length 外形尺寸(长) 8275
Max.width 外形尺寸(宽) 2490
Max.heigh 外形尺寸(高) 3300
Front / Rear overhang 前悬/后悬 1525/1600
Wheel base(mm) 轴距 3800+1350
Track width(mm) 轮距 1939 / 1800
Engine 发动机(带低温启动辅助装置) WP10.290
Rated Output (kw/ps) 输出功率 228/290
Clutch 离合器 φ420mmSpring-loaded clutch damper 
Transmission 变速箱  FULLER 9JS135
Gear ratio 速比 12.11 8.08 5.93 4.42 3.36 2.41 1.76 1.32 1.00 12.66R
Front axle 前轴 MAN 7.5tons
Rear axle 后桥 Shan Qi Steyr military reinforced axle 13tons
Steering 转向器 ZF Integral inner circulation power sreering
Cab 驾驶室 MAN D'LONG F2000, flat roof
Tire 轮胎 12.00R20
Fuel consumption for 100km(50km/h) L 百公里油耗 36
Fuel tank capacity (L) 油箱容积 300
Platform dimensions(mm) 大厢尺寸 5600*2300*1500 middle lift

SHACMAN F2000 6*4 Dump Truck SX3255DM384 with Euro 3 engine

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