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SHACMAN developed the new city muck truck

In recent years, the increasing demand of China's urban construction and renovation requires more muck trucks. The existing muck truck shape is easy to shed the muck. along with the increasing demand for urban environmental sanitation, the relevant government departments promote the standards in seal system of SHACMAN muck truck shape and cargo box.

SHACMAN designed the muck truck based on the market requirements and SHACMAN truck chassis. In appearance, the muck SHACMAN truck loads a large box with high-strength steel plate corrugated structure. The overall structure is simple, coordinated, well-proportioned. Compared to the existing market muck trucks, it has more beautiful appearance and the inside usable space is bigger. The biggest highlight of the models is the cover system redesign. In order to cover the muck more safely and closely, the entire cover system using Wear-resistant cloth and leave no space for leaking the muck.

The design phase of the project lasted four months and created more than 100 new drawings and to declared the two patents; After the completion of the project, the SHACMAN muck truck will greatly improve the situation that the existing muck truck is easy to leak the muck and also help SHACMAN to promote the muck truck market share.

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