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SHACMAN truck opening a new page in Burma

Toady, southeast Asia is one of the world's most dynamic and promising areas. Major Chinese big companies are optimistic about this "big cake". The increasingly fierce competition in heavy duty trucks in this area has happened.

Sinotruck, Foton, FAW and other domestic truck manufacturers have long occupied the market, this is unfavorable to the newly built Southeast Asia Department. But SHACMAN staff overcame many difficulties and actively explore the market. SHACMAN has got very big sales in many countries of Southeast Asia. In Burma, SHACMAN has built a world class SHACMAN 4s shop. It has the functions of vehicle sales, spare parts supply, maintenance and repairing. And also SHACMAN has a very professional after sales team in Burma. All the technicians have been trained before sent to Burma. These trainings are including the operation and maintenance of truck, truck electrical repairing, tracheal road trouble-shooting, the repairing of engine, transmission and axles. This team has won the hearts of SHACMAN end users.

SHACMAN promotes the sales by after sale services, sets its purpose for customer satisfaction, set its principle for quality service and take care of each truck exported and treat every customer sincerely. This is why SHACMAN trucks have been sold to more than 150 countries all over the world.