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200 units of SHACMAN trucks exported to Iran

Iran is a very big market for Chinese products. During the year of 2012, 200 units of SHACMAN truck were exported to Iran.

Iran has many difficulties in importing products including trucks from China. These difficulties are including political pressure from the west countries, truck standards, currency shortage, etc. But SHACMAN had a very good sales during the year 2012. SHACMAN had done many things to develop Iranian market. First, we built branch in Tehran and many people including market director, sales assistant, engineers and technicians were living there for services. Second, SHACMAN invested a lot for the certificates. As we all knows, Iranian market needs a higher truck standards than domestic market. Iran uses the Euro standards. SHACMAN cooperated with a Euro certifying company and passed all certificates. Third, SHACMAN devoped a suitable truck series specially for Iranian market, which won the end users in the moment they saw the SHACMAN trucks.

The old year is past and the new is coming. For the year 2013, SHACMAN has signed a contract with the local dealer with a volume of 800 units of SHACMAN trucks.