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5000 units of SHACMAN trucks exported to Russia

By the end of 2012, 5000 units of SHACMAN trucks were exported to Russia in this year, which was best among all Chinese truck manufacturers in the year of 2012.

Two years before, Russian government started a campaign against Chinese trucks. They raised the standards of Chinese trucks every year. The export of Chinese trucks to Russia almost stopped. But the trade war was supposed to fail because it was not in the benefits of Russian end users. In the beginning of 2012, the Russian government help the Russian dealers restore the relation with Chinese truck manufacturers. Because the SHACMAN trucks were welcomed by Russian end users, many Russian dealers signed dealer contracts with SHACMAN, including old SHACMAN dealers and new SHACMAN dealers. Although the import standards for Chinese trucks is still high, SHACMAN trucks are very suitable to the Russian market. SHACMAN started the Russian market research 10 years ago and its Research and Development Department designed many models of trucks which were suitable for Russian market and the habits of Russian truck drivers.

For many Chinese truck manufacturers, 5000 units of trucks are their total volume of 2012, but SHACMAN exported this volume only in Russia. And for the coming 2013, many Russian dealers have signed bigger contracts with SHACMAN. According to the estimates of SHACMAN staff, may be 8000 units of SHACMAN trucks will be exported to Russia in the coming year.