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800 units of SHACMAN Trucks exported to Thailand

Thailand market is the biggest market of SHACMAN in Southeast Asia. During the year of 2012, around 800 units of SHACMAN Trucks were exported to Thailand, which was the best among all Chinese truck manufacturers.

why so many SHACMAN trucks exported to this country? The suitable products is the first reason. SHACMAN has designed 15 models of trucks only for Thailand truck market and all these models are required by different end users. SHACMAN was happy that the end users required so many models, but other Chinese truck manufacturers are unhappy regarding the so many things required by the customers. The second reason is that SHACMAN has sent a very professional team to support the market, including market director, sales assistant, engineers and technicians. The third reason is that the local agents have very good relations with the government and the Automobile Association in Thailand. They have a lot of end users, including companies and individual users. The fourth reason is that SHACMAN invested a lot in Thailand to support the market. SHACMAN offered free trucks to agents as their bonus. SHACMAN shared half cost of advertisement in Thailand.

As the 2013 is coming, SHACMAN has signed a bigger order with the local agents and we believe that more SHACMAN trucks will be sold in 2013.