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SHACMAN's Big celebration of opening 4s shop in the Philippines

With the efforts of local government, agents and SHACMAN in Philippines, on 12th of August, the first 4s shop of SHACMAN was opened in Manila, the capital of Philippines.

Although SHACMAN entered the the market of southeast Asia after other Chinese brands, it had acquired a big progress in this zone. SHACMAN has build the sales and service network in the countries of this zone, like Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc. Meantime, SHACMAN has began to develop the market in North Korea, Japan, Australia, etc. The sales network in these countries will be finished in a near future. The opening of 4s shop in the Philippines is a big firm step SHACMAN has taken in market of southeast Asia.

By the end of October in year 2012, SHACMAN had exported 11,1000 units of trucks and got 450 million US dollar export volume, which was best in its export history.