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Phase one of CITIC Angola KK project completed and three of shacman’s stuff awarded

Drawing wide attention, the phase one of CITIC Angola KK social housing project declared fully completed. CITIC Group Chairman Mr. Chang Zhenming, project cooperation leaders, local governmental officials, and the Chinese embassy in Angola attended the completion ceremony. More than 500 people attended the meeting. In the meeting, three SHACMAN stuff, Mr. Cao Junhuai, Miss Zhang pengyuan and Mr. Zhang Jun won the titles respectively the “advanced project manager”, “excellent management” and “KK model worker” and were commended.

The KK project is another large overseas project of CITIC Group besides its road project in Algeria. The phase one was started on August 31, 2008 and fully completed on August 31, 2012. The total contract amount is $ 3,535,000,000; the total construction area is 3.31 million square meters; the total settlement amount is 4 million US dollar; its land area is 8.8 square kilometers. The project is designed to build 751 apartment buildings, 24 kindergartens, 9 primary schools and 8 secondary schools. The project is also with transformer station, water purification plants and sewage treatment plants and other infrastructures. It is the largest housing project of Chinese oversea investment according to the contract amount by means of EPC (design, purchase and construction). The phase one project involved 28 big companies covering survey, design, construction, logistics, etc. SHACMAN was mainly responsible for the supply of project vehicles. To ensure the smooth completion of the project, SHACMAN sent 13 stuff with wide management experiences and skillful technical services. SHACMAN and SHACMAN trucks played a big role in the project.

During the four years after starting the project, the party and state leaders Xijinping, Wang Qishan, Liu Qi as well as the President of Angola and other more than 10 heads of the state visited the project. The number of people involved in the project was up to 18,000 at its most. The project brought 200 Chinese enterprises and suppliers to international market. As the sole tipper supplier, SHACMAN was responsible for the security work of the services of transport vehicles. Since the project started, the transport vehicles daily shuttled between the Angolan capitals, Luanda, the construction site and gravel pits hundreds of kilometers away. The yellow SHACMAN heavy duty trucks in the newly built highway formed a beautiful landscape. Through this project, SHACMAN brand impressed many end users in Angola and this promoted the competitiveness of SHACMAN trucks in Angola market. In year 2012, SHACMAN exported 855 completed trucks to Angola with a year-on-year growth of 189%.

Phase II and III projects have begun planning and design. Through the successful completion of phase one project, CITIC won a good social effect and the word-of-mouth in Angola even in Africa. It has involved completely in 15 projects covering housing construction, infrastructure construction and agricultural development with total contract amount of 14 billion us dollars. Its business has covered 9 province of Angola. It has formed a wide market structure. Through successful cooperation with CITIC, SHACMAN will take more market share and build more networks.