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SHACMAN’s subsidiary Tongli Company regained the honor “Famous Registered trademark in Shaanxi Province”

Recently, voted by the Shaanxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, SHACMAN’s subsidiary Tongli Company, which is located in Baoji city, was identified as “Famous Registered trademark in Shaanxi Province”. This identification was the continuation of 2008’s identification because the later one was expired.

Tongli company is a big subsidiary of SHACMAN and its products mainly focus on off-road dump trucks and it takes a big market share in domestic market. Its products are good supplements to SHACMAN trucks and a big part of it.

To enhance the market competitiveness, Tongli has been to establish brand awareness, brand strategy as a breakthrough to promote enterprise development. The regaining of this honor keeps up with the pace of development of the Group and shows the continuous innovation and the high-speed development. It is the joint efforts of all Tongli staff. Tongli Corporation will continue to enhance brand awareness, improve product quality, improve service quality and make the SHACMAN brand more and more famous.