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what are the characteristics of SHACMAN Truck?

As the best truck manufacturer in China, SHACMAN trucks have been exported to more than 200 countries all over the world. Maybe somebody will ask: what makes SHACMAN Truck so popular? What are the characteristics of SHACMAN Truck?

The characteristics are as follows:

SHACMAN truck has a golden supply chain

As you know, Weichai engines are best for trucks. There is something you don't know. Weichai power and SHACMAN Group are under the same roof. Weichai takes the shares of SHACMAN group. Because of this, SHACMAN can get the engines at the lowest price from Weichai. Also SHACMAN and Cummins have a joint venture in Xi'an City, which is located in the factory of SHACMAN group. Cummins engine can satisfy the needs of high-end users.

Fast is the best and biggest transmission manufacturer in China. SHACMAN has also built brother relations with FAST, which can ensure the benefits of both sides.

Hande axle is the best axle manufacturer in China and Hande axle company is 100% controlled by SHACMAN group.

The quality of SHACMAN trucks are ensured by thousands of trusted suppliers.

The technology of SHACMAN truck is from MAN in Germany.

As all know, MAN is the truck leader all over the world which produces the best trucks. The technology of SHACMAN truck is from MAN, which ensure the quality of SHACMAN truck.

SHACMAN has a complete product range in truck fields

SHACMAN is number 1 in heavy duty trucks whose weight is over 25 ton. SHACMAN also produces medium truck, light trucks, mini trucks, buses, VAN, etc. It also produces special trucks, like concrete mixer, oil tanker, trailer, crane truck, off-road dump truck, etc. The types of trucks involves SHACMAN dump trucks, SHACMAN lorry trucks, SHACMAN tractor trucks, SHACMAN off-road trucks, SHACMAN military trucks, SHACMAN special trucks, and so on. SHACMAN has built a complete product range which can satisfy all needs of customers'.

Good reputation in domestic and abroad

No matter in domestic market or in the foreign markets, SHACMAN has got very good reputations from the end users. SHACMAN brand is rooted in their hearts. SHACMAN has received many awards and written letters from the end users, which speak highly of SHACMAN trucks and SHACMAN staff.

Timely after sale services and spare parts supply

To make time after sale service and spare parts supply to end users, SHACMAN has spent a lot of money to build after sale service and spare parts supply system. And this can in long term help the development of SHACMAN group and benefit the end users. It is a win-win situation.