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SHACMAN truck, Number 1 Chinese truck brand in Algeria

From the year of 2003, SHACMAN began its truck export to Algeria, which is located in North Africa. Now every year SHACMAN exports about 5000 units of trucks to Algeria. Now SHACMAN truck is the leader and super star of Algerian truck market.

SHACMAN has built many spare parts centers and service stations in the country with the cooperation of local dealers. Also SHACMAN has built many SHACMAN truck 4s shops in Algeria. SHACMAN have also sent many truck engineers to Algeria to support the local dealers. Once every SHACMAN truck encounter a problem, it can be easily driven to the nearest service station and be fixed quickly. If the service station cannot solve the problem, they can just give a call to SHACMAN branch in Algeria and a skillful SHACMAN engineer will be sent immediately. SHACMAN has built quick-response after sales service system in Algeria.

By the end of 2012, SHACMAN has sold more than 60,000 units of trucks to Algeria and SHACMAN truck has contributed a lot to the economy construction in Algeria. When you encounter a people in Algeria, if you ask him about SHACMAN, he will smile and say: SHACMAN truck, very nice, from China.