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More than 1500 units of SHACMAN trucks sold to Angola

In the year of 2012, SHACMAN sold more than 1500 units of heavy duty truck to Angola, which is located in the southwest of Africa. During the worsening international environment, SHACMAN got a big sale in Angola compared with other Chinese Truck manufacturers, like howo, dongfeng, foton, etc.

Maybe somebody asks why SHACMAN sold so many trucks in Angola. Now let's see the reasons. The first, SHACMAN trucks are quality products with more competitive prices. Most of Chinese trucks have worse quality than international truck brands. Some Chinese truck manufacturers may produce quality trucks, but the prices are much higher than SHACMAN trucks. Second, SHACMAN has built a comprehensive after sales system in Angola. Not like other Chinese truck manufacturers, SHACMAN invested a lot in after sales system before sale. Now in Angola, SHACMAN has 4s shops, many spare parts centers, many work stations. Third, SHACMAN sent many people to Angola to support the local agents. The staff includes director, sales man, engineers and technicians. These people are there for all time services.

Besides this 1500 units of trucks, SHACMAN has signed the contract for year 2013. SHACMAN staff believe that 2000 units of SHACMAN trucks will be easily sold in year 2013.