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120 units of SHACMAN trucks sold to Ghana

In the year of 2012, SHACMAN sold 100 heavy duty trucks to Ghana. This was the first time that SHACMAN sold more than 100 units of SHACMAN trucks to this country.

SHACMAN trucks have been sold to the foreign countries through the following channels. First, through the local agents. SHACMAN builds the cooperation relationship with the local agents and sell shacman trucks through the network built together with the local agents. Second, through the domestic companies. Many Chiense big companies buy shacman trucks because of their projects in foreign countries. These companies usually are big state-owned groups and they trust the quality of SHACMAN trucks. Third, through the network. A lot of end users search the shacman trucks in the search engines and get the contact of SHACMAN and then get connected with SHACMAN.

The shacman trucks which have been sold to Ghana have won a good reputation for shacman because of its quality products, professional service and timely spare parts supply. The customer has benefited a lot through the deal of SHACMAN trucks. The company will buy more trucks in the coming year.