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More than 150 units of SHACMAN trucks sold to Brazil

The year 2013 is coming and the year 2012 is going to be past. Although the international environment is not good for Chinese products, more than 150 units of SHACMAN trucks have been sold to Brazil by the end of this year. And this is a very good news for Chinese truck industry.

As we know, the standard requirements of truck import in Brazil are more strict than these in middle east, Africa and south Asia. In domestic market, the engine is only Euro 3 standard, but SHACMAN export so many heavy duty trucks with Euro 5 engines to Brazil. how can shacman do this? shacman's Research and Development department plays a big role during this process. The staff in research department began to design the export trucks for Brazilian market a few year before. Through the feedback of shacman's international market department, the R and D department got a lot of details which were required by the Brazilian truck users. When other Chinese truck manufacturers still export trucks with Euro 2 engines, shacman has got a breakthrough in Euro 5 trucks.

How many shacman truck will be sold to Brazil in the coming 2013? 200 units? 500 units? 1000 units? who knows? We can go and see.