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A lot of SHACMAN Trucks sold to Cameroon

During the year of 2012, more than 300 units of SHACMAN trucks have been sold to Cameroon, which is located in west Central Africa. These trucks are including shacman dump truck, shacman tractor truck, shacman lorry truck and shacman concrete mixer.

In the year of 2012, other dozens of famous Chinese truck manufacturers totally sold heavy duty trucks less than 500 units. Why are shacman trucks are so popular in Cameroon? What makes the SHACMAN TRUCK the top Chinese brand in Cameroon? The root is that SHACMAN TRUCK can be suitable for the local weather conditions and it has very good quality and competitive price. In some places of Cameroon, it is very hot and the temperature some time can reach 45 degree and the temperature of ground can reach 70 degree. Very terrible! SHACMAN has developed a suitable product for the hot areas. They have improved the AC system, the sealing system in Cabin, the rubbers, the electricity system, etc. Everyone wants to buy trucks with good quality and low price. Additionaly, the agent of SHACMAN in Cameroon is very powerful. It can perfectly execute the strategies of SHACMAN.

The agent has already signed a bigger contract with SHACMAN. Maybe 1000 units of SHACMAN TRUCK will be sold to Cameroon in coming year of 2013.