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1000 units of SHACMAN trucks were sold to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest country of Middle Asia countries. During the year 2012, 1000 units of SHACMAN trucks were sold to Kazakhstan, which is the best sales in this country during Chinese truck manufacturers.

SHACMAN built the networks in Kazakhstan a few years before, including sales network and after sales service network. In the first year, only dozens of shacman trucks were sold. But the number increased every year. what makes the shacman truck so popular in Kazakhstan? The first reason is that SHACMAN has good quality trucks and it has developed a suitable truck series specially for cold areas. SHACMAN has improved the sealing of the Cabin, the AC system, the starting system and lifting system. All systems have been improved for cold weather. The second reason is that SHACMAN offered a lot of support to this market, including technical support, personnel support, spare parts support, etc. The third reason is that SHACMAN has built a very good cooperation relationship with the local agents and formed a win-win situation, which benefits all sides.

we believe that during next year more SHACMAN trucks will be sold in Kazakhstan and we expect that.