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the Speeches of the Presidents of SHACMAN Group

Mr. Fang Hongwei, the Chairman of the Board


  • Our aim is to see our trucks running in the every corner of the world. we will not be satisfied with Number 1 in China. We want to be the leader in world truck industry.

  • Quality is our lives. Growing through quantity and volume is somehow stupid. We insist that the root of our development be the quality of our products.

  • As we always say, the most important thing in 21 century is talent. I experienced this deeply. Ten years ago, our year export was a few units of trucks or none. But today, we are at the top in truck export. Our staff plays the very important role in this process. Without them, there would be no prosperity of today. They will make bigger victory in the future. I will trust them tomorrow as I did yesterday, as I am doing today.

  • I believe one day you and I will see SHACMAN brand in every corner of the world.

Mr. Yuan Hongming, the General Manager of the Group


  • The development of a big group lies in the team work, not the heroic deeds of a few talents. SHACMAN staff is a great team with dreams and passions. They are the guarantee of our achievements. I here thank them deeply from the bottom of my heart.

  • Innovation is the soul of a nation, also a soul of a big group. SHACMAN produces the best trucks through innovation. We invest a lot every year to develop new models of trucks which are more suitable to the needs of our market.

  • The customer is our GOD. Each customer of us has right to individualize his truck or trucks from us. We greatly welcome that. Also we have a great system to collect the feedback through a lot of channels, like hot lines, service stations, 4s shops, our agents, etc. We collect the data, analyze it and improve our trucks.

  • I believe that through continuous hard work, our futrue will be more bright.